V K Chawla, is an Engineer by profession and Astrology student by passion. He retired at Senior Scientific Officer from Quality Assurance Department of Ministry of Defence, serving the Indian Navy for 38 glorious years. He started learning Astrology from Astro Sciences Research organization (Regd) (ASRO), New Delhi, in the year 1989 when classes were held at Salwan School, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. The faculty included Dr S.S.Gola, Sh G.B.Rawat ,Sh G.K.Goel and Sh Sudhir Budhiraja and many celebrity Guest Faculty members like Sh Sanjay Rath ji who happen to make a dent in the field of Astrology and himself a landmark in Astrology teachings and predictions through Parampara.

It was in year 1996, the author joined the faculty of ASRO, It was the same year when the author got an invitation from Fukuoka, Japan for Teaching of Indian Astrology and predictions; it was during that time the author got inclined towards Horary or Prasna for quick answers and disposal of their queries. There were 14 such repeat visits to Japan after that. However it could not be progressed further in Japan after the sad demise of their organizer. Astrology help is still sought by few through interpreter.

The author kept low profile restricting only to classes and Prasna and self learning being committed & preoccupied to work area of Indian Navy. Various mundane predictions via prasna have successfully been predicted.

Few Notable Mundane predictions are- Exact Date of location of Black boxes of Air Asia plane and it was a mechanical failure & not sabotage, Resignation time of Sh Arvind Kejriwal during his last stint. Fake degree of Sh Tomar & registration of Police case was almost done a month before. Punishment to Salman Khan with no immediate jail, Miss Arushi Talwar case, Asa Ram- a culprit and would be jailed with no bail. Such horary results were exchanged within our group and shared via whats app.

After retirement in 2010, a job of consultant at Board of Technical Education, Delhi was not preferred in view of his passion for Astrology. Apart from venturing Full time in to Astrology arena, an innovative study has been undertaken to gel astrology with Aura (through Resonant Field Imaging instrument) of an individual. Selection of gemstone is being researched through Aura Imaging for cure of certain diseases. The main areas in which gem therapy has proved successful are those that involve mood, emotions and some aspect of mental performance. The results of Gem Therapy have given successful secondary defence to treat variety of diseases. It is good study to check people supporting wrong gemstone and continue to suffer on account of health and other areas of life. Few cancer cases where secondary defence has been provided through gem therapy. 80-90% success has been achieved in cases of Depression, Migraine, Insomnia or sleeplessness etc. It works on the principle of flow of energy thought our body on health & at psychological level.

With the grace of God, new result oriented, innovative and easy techniques for astrology predictions are being worked out now finer under the able Guidance of Sh Rath Ji and are likely to be published soon