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rape_1377226521_540x540At the outset, let us be very clear, that this type of vivāha (copulation that brings forth children) shall always be regarded as a criminal offence.

This completely prohibited type of marriage (for all castes) is the Paiśāca vivāha which is carried out in stealth by seducing or raping the bride after intoxication or taking advantage of her when she is mentally weak, imbalanced or handicapped in any way[ref]suptāṁ mattāṁ pramattāṁ vā raho yatropagacchati |
sa pāpiṣṭho vivāhānāṁ paiśācaścāṣṭamoadhamaḥ || MS iii.34[/ref].

This is definitely a criminal offense as it does not involve the consent of the guardians and amounts to taking undue advantage of the bride (female) when she is not in a position to resist or protect herself. It also includes all sorts of dirty tricks to fool and elude and includes. It is equally applicable to both sexes as it is as much possible that the evil maybe done on the male. Infact rape is an offence that happens to both male and females. Since women are considered the weaker sex, this is highlighted for women.

Vaśikaraṇa tantra is used by both men and women to cause infatuation and attraction of a particular person. While this can be allowed for already married couples to ensure continued attraction, its use for unmarried couples is definitely piśāca vivāha effect. One can easily see this service offered openly in many websites and most people think it is harmless as it only causes attraction of the lady they love. But be warned that this definitely piśāca vivāha and its consequences are going to be terrible. The strong influence of a node (Rāhu or Ketu) on the 7th bhāva causes the danger of piśāca vivāha.

पिशाच (piśāca) refers to a class of beings having a yellowish appearance. The yellowish color is derived from the sign Scorpio which has a light-yellow or grey-yellow shade. Most scholars equate them to be demons like Asura as they prefer the darkness or Rākṣasa as they are violent beings. The word ‘sura’ is for Sūrya and shows the beings who dwell and thrive in sunlight – ‘asura’ is merely a negation of this and shows those who thrive in darkness. This can also be the Moon who is the lord of the dark night. As such human beings are petrified by the darkness of the night and would attribute everything to be evil, which need not be true. Asura are associated with the 8th bhāva which is like a dark deep well. Rākṣasa indicates violent beings who feed on flesh and who bring about the longing for ‘rakṣa’ or protection. Read More .

As a class of vampires[ref]Vampires are blood suckers Read More [/ref], they lead to severe health problems and this copulation (Paiśāca Vivāha) results in physical and mental problems after marriage. Rape has known to cause severe mental problems for the victim. It is not the body which is raped, but mind and spirit that also gets raped, which is the severity of the problem.

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